Dilu is a studio run by two young potters in Jingdezhen , an important pottery center in the world .Interpreted in Chinese, Dilu refers to two meanings , one of which is to drift free like water and the other is to build a hut away from the noise and hustle, named so as being one of“Jing” drifters who relocate in Jingdezhen for crafting clay from different parts of China, quiet hours of crafting in the studio is what they enjoy the most.

Dilu is aimed at crafting a wide array of teaware which is based on an ancient form but with contemporary feel ,questing for art of simplicity and functional crafts.Looking through all pieces in the shelves of their studio , from the previous leftover to the latest pieces, we were immensely impressed on the organic texture and understated appearance. 

Like most of art workers , Dilu inevitably had difficulties in trading off between market demands and personal quests in the beginning of engagement. When being asked about the same question, they just smiled with a few words: Never stop exploring. But we were pretty sure that the stories behind were not as simple as what we heard. As our conversation was going on, we found that their rural childhood built a strong connection with natural  materials , we started to know the reason why most of their crafts remain the texture and simplicity originated from the clay. Probably clay just perfectly becomes what they are truly able to reply on when the homesickness is hitting hard.

With endless trials and persistency, well-grounded skill will not be the only gift from the time but at least for sure, which Dilu should take pride in to make all sense comfortable for using their pieces. All of Dilu’s works truly offer their own pleasure and intimacy that add another dimension to the tea ceremony we practice each day.

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