About us



I was born in a traditional tea family, which owns 150 acre of tea farm in a remote village ,Fujian, China. As time goes on , my passion for all things tea grows stronger and stronger. Specially when everything around us tends to become stressful and push most of us to move fast without enough time left for thinking where we would like to be , I start to be able to gradually heal my mind from chaos by setting my tea up (gongfu cha mainly) here and there (check here and see where I have pined myself with tea in the world). Gradually tea for me is not only a kind of drink, it has been a way to stay with myself peacefully and share happiness with people surrounded. Generally ,what I benefit from tea philosophy motivates me to build Chasing Tea naturally , with a hope to help those who are struggling for their lives to cure themselves spiritually through “tea lifestyle”.


Our Tea family 

In my family, each generation explains our responsibilities for the tea world we would like to build in our own way based on our talents and interests . But the main clue has never been changed that we spare no effort to find and produce the good quality of tea. My grandfather was committed to assessing tea while my father is expert at producing high quality of tea with many awards In hands. As the third young generation, presently, I am devoted to opening a door to Chinese tea culture and tea philosophy for people around world. Luckily we all enjoy our sailing of tea and pleasantly take over the mission in our life.


Teaware || First Step 

While exploring the tea culture,I stepped into another new world which I haven’t touched much in my tea family after I made my trip to Jingdezhen (景德镇), an influential pottery capital in the world.I was amazed by how the hand-made teaware is developing and thriving in this small city when visiting plenty of studios and having nice tea conversations with those potters  one by one . It just came up to my mind that we might not only pursue the pleasure to use teaware practically but aesthetically. Then I made up my mind to work on the teaware with some humble potters devoted themselves to potteries or ceramic extremely. Undoubtedly I take care of a potter’s craftsman spirit as much as the item itself when selecting the teaware sold in our web, as I believe that personality is the soul of the items as with time. Since jumping into the teaware world, I found the joy of life little by little through searching for the right teaware for the tea table.  I wanna share  the art and philosophy of all teaware with all of you , with a wish that each one can be able to be an artist of life learning to enjoy more from the simple life. 


Tea is not a lifestyle which can be formed during a day , but a gift of time. It comes slowly and naturally until the time tells that you are ready to learn about it , a bit hard for young people to accept it particularly. So We start to introduce the teaware firstly is also aimed at opening a window for young people in the tea world , then lead them to learn about the joy and philosophy of the tea in future more easily.


Tea || Second step 

Following the teaware, we will launch the tea on the web probably at the second half of 2020. We know  about my family’s tea in full while we will still search for many other teas across China, with a purpose of giving more taste experience and joy to all of you. But the criteria for our curation will not be compromised for any reasons. As with my grandfather and father ,we are committed to building sustainable tea world, where human can stay friendly with the planet. We admire the tea farmers who respect the environment , take responsibility for what they are producing, become devoted to the processing. We hope to bring a tea leaf from the plant directly to your cup with full humility and respect to where we are living. 


One is never too old to learn. Frankly, I still have a lot to learn in tea world but I really enjoy the process. Join me in the tea journey together ! 


Welcome any question and advice for bette us.